The rosewood venue

Nestled just minutes away from the serene beauty of Lake Cypress Springs, The Rosewood Venue is a hidden gem embraced with lush pine trees.

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The RosewooD Venue

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Our venue offers a range of amenities to ensure seamless experience for you and your guests. The layout is designed to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations, with custom seating arrangements to suit your preferences for you and up to 150 guests. To cater to the needs of the wedding party, there are separate dressing areas designed with modern amenities and luxurious touches.

We host extraordinary celebrations that capture the essence of your love story.

Where rustic charm Meets modern Elegance

Surrounded by lush pines and beautiful scenery.

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Your wedding day is a testament to your unique journey—a cherished milestone that deserves the utmost care and artistry. Explore our gallery of unforgettable weddings and be inspired by the enchanting moments created at The Rosewood Venue.

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Step into our rustic modern Groom Suite, a thoughtfully designed space that creates a haven for the Groom and his party to relax and prepare for the wedding day.

Groom Suite

The Bridal Suite is designed to provide the bride and her party with everything they need to relax, prepare and indulge in the ultimate wedding experience.

Bridal Suite

The Ceremony space adorns grand wooden doors, warm lighting and a scenic backdrop that sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

The Ceremony

The Reception space offers a perfect blend of traditional rustic elements and modern design. It provides a romantic environment for couples to celebrate their special day.

The Reception


"The Rosewood Venue was absolutely beyond my expectations! I was blown away by such a beautiful property."

- Krisiti mahan


We are dedicated to making your vision a reality, and we are committed to providing exceptional service every step of the way.
Take your first step toward your unforgettable wedding day. Get in touch to arrange a tour of our beautiful rustic modern venue and explore the possibilities.

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